About ADB Infotech

ADB Infotech is led by reputable professional who continuously address the ever changing challenges of the local and overseas manpower market

Our services

Construction Manpower

Along with the fast development of the world economy human resources in construction industry are in high demand. ADB Infotech workers are well known for their traits diligence.

Oil & Gas Manpower

ADB Infotech is the first choice partner for employers in oil and gas industry.

Manufacturing Manpower

ADB Infotech has seen a shift from outsourcing low value vertical such as textiles to more high-tech high value manufacturing in recent years.

Transportation & Warehousing Manpower

Despite advances in automatic technology,work related to transportation and warehousing still keeps being highly labour intensive.

Agriculture Manpower

Agriculture is a special industry as it delivers food essential to our daily lives and shapes and colors our unique landscape.

Hospitality Manpower

ADB Infotech has provided A large number of qualified people for local and overseas employers

Customers reviews

ADB infotech is a very good agency which provide affordable services
Adam Sendler
ANC Technology
I will definetly recommend ADB Infotech to get best services
Mila Kunis
You will never disappoint with their services. They are experts and professional in their service
Mike Sendler

Manpower Supply Service Provider