Hospitality Manpower


The Hospitality industry is a large and complex industry and one that is of significant economic importance to Manpower, enabled the hospitality industry to have the right sets of workers with the required skills, knowledge and attitude to manage the industry in the present while plan adequately and wisely to meet the challenges of manpower needs the industry might face in the future. This paper reviews manpower training and education in the hospitality identify the challenges militating against manpower training in the hospitality industry . It evaluates the key government policy on manpower training and development, how it can enhance the process of improving the standar of hospitality .The Focus Group Discussion methodology was  employed in this study, this enable the researcher to successfully gain greater insight on the subject and resolved unexpected issues encountered during the interview. Six parallel Focus Group Discussion sessions were held in the six geo-political with the author acting as the facilitator. The study concludes that as a matter of urgency should formulate policies that will enshrine the training of manpower in the hospitality industry, in order to check the present. Our clients have come back to us regularly. Because they believe in get great service which we proved to our client as per their needs .